Plants and Places

Recently, COVID lockdowns have been an inspiration behind my first choices of photographs for exhibition.

  • Stay Local — was a clear instruction — these pictures are my “local”.
  • Restricted Numbers — also a clear rule — these are pictures of the animals on the family farm, in restricted numbers (where possible!)
  • Finally, we need hope — Architecture of Hope looks deeper at how hope for the future can be found in the plant world.

Ever since my father gave me a camera for my 16th birthday, I have been in love — never happier than when I have a camera to my eye. There is a peace that comes over me the moment it is in my hand — and I am rarely without it. Take me to a garden, or a wild landscape, with a camera and you have made me very happy. I have always found close–up photography is greatly enhanced by colour and rain — After the Rain is a collection of six photographs that illustrate these opportunities.

Black and white photography is also very important — equally as important as colour. With black and white textures, forms and light become dramatic in a different way to a colour image of the same subject. Some of my favourite pictures can be seen in these examples.

My photography has never been my “official job” before now, but previous employers have used my photography in calendars, postcards, adverts, displays, illustrations and promotions. Now, I have time to focus on my photos and click and file them.

Please explore my photography by clicking through to the galleries below. All the photographs are available as prints through my online shop.

Stay Local

After the Rain

Night Garden


Horsing Around

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